League of Legends:  Highly engaging, violent, online exposure.

League of Legends is a popular online multiplayer game involving teams of five.  Children can be exposed to bad language, hate speech, insults, sexual languages.  It is addicting as can be played for long periods of time.
Children use weapons and magic to defeat enemy characters.  This is can desensitize kids to violence and may lead to more aggressive behavior in real life.

Each character has a small life meter above its head.  Some characters cry out in pain when killed. The game is rated Teen because of the depictions of red blood splashes emitted from characters during battle.

League of Legends involves interacting with other players online, which means interactions with strangers.  It also offers in-app purchases.  The game allows players to purchase new characters, skins, and other items.  Kids may not understand the value of money and may spend a lot of real money on virtual items without their parents’ knowledge.

Overall, “League of Legends” is a complex and challenging game, one that should be monitored, as can play for long periods.  

Since League of Legends requires strategy and teamwork, here is a guide on how to play.

Objective:  The objective of “League of Legends” is to work together with a team of players to destroy the enemy’s Nexus, which is the core building in their base.

Champions:  Choose a champion from a wide roster, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Work with your team to coordinate strategies, engage in combat.

Map:  The game takes place on a map called Summoner’s Rift, which consists of three lanes and a jungle.  Each lane has towers that must be destroyed to progress towards the enemy’s base.

Farming and Experience:  Defeat enemy minions and neutral monsters to gain gold and experience, which allows your champion to become stronger and purchase items.

Teamwork:  Communicate and coordinate with your team to create strategies, secure objectives (such as Dragon or Baron Nashor), and engage in team fights to gain an advantage.

Turrets, Inhibitors, and Nexus:  Destroy the enemy’s turrets, inhibitors, and ultimately their Nexus while defending your own structures from the enemy’s attacks.

Some pluses:

Strategic Gameplay:  League of Legends requires strategic thinking, teamwork, and coordination, fostering problem-solving skills.

Competitive Environment:  The game offers a competitive atmosphere, allowing players to challenge themselves and improve their skills.

Social Interaction:  Playing with friends or joining a team can provide opportunities for socializing and teamwork.

Some minuses:

Time Consumption:  The game can be time-consuming, potentially impacting schoolwork, physical activity, and other responsibilities.

Toxic Behavior:  Some players exhibit toxic behavior, which can negatively affect the gaming experience and children’s mental well-being.  And the in-app purchases can easily encourage children to spend on the virtual items.

In-app Purchases:  Children may overspend on virtual items, leading to financial consequences.

Parental Controls:  To mitigate the risks associated with “League of Legends” and ensure a safe gaming experience for children, parents can set limits on screen time and establish rules for gameplay.

Do enable in-game chat filters to block offensive language.  Monitor their child’s interactions and educate them about online safety and appropriate behavior.

Familiarize themselves with the game’s content and engage in open conversations about its potential risks.

Parental involvement and communication are crucial for guiding children’s gaming experiences and ensuring a healthy balance between gaming and other aspects of life.  You have the ultimate responsibility for what games your children play and how much time they spend playing them.

Throughout this website, it is stated over and over:   Seek Mental Health Specialists. Understand, Monitor, and Communicate with your children about these games and apps.  Certain ones should not be played.  Teach your children about the dangers of online games and apps.

Realize Technology has Rocketed way past your understanding, and hence, our children’s understanding, respect, and awareness.