Leon County School Community Support Resources                                            Apalachee Mobile Response-800.342.0774                                                                  LCS Safety & Security Center-850.922.5437                                                              National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 988         

Apalachee (Evaluation & Admissions)  1616 2634 Capitol Circle N.E. - 850.523.3333 Ext.7 - www.ApalacheeCenter.org    Bradley Reach@ApalacheeCenter.org/Bradley Reach                        TMH-Behavior Health Direct   Physicians Dr   850.431.3872 www.TMH.Org/Behavioral                   HCA Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program - 850.325.5750    www.HCAFloridaHealthCare.com
Grief/Loss Counseling                                                                                                                              Big Bend Hospice  850.878.5310    www.BigBendHospice.org                                                          Covent Care Hospice  850.575.4998  www.ChooseCovenan.Org/Tag/Talllahassee                             Lee's Place  850.841.7733  www.LeesPlace.org
Community Counseling                                                                                                                          211 Big Bend   Call   211 or 850.617.6333   www.211.BigBend.Org                                                          A Better Way Counseling  850.425.5025  www.ABetterWayTally.com                                                    A Time to Change Counseling 850.926.1900 www.ATimetoChangeCounselingCenter.com             Camelot Community Care  850.561.8060  www.CamelotCommunityCare.Org                                    Capital City Youth Services (CCYS)  850.576.6000  www.CCYS.Org                                            Community Wellness Counseling  850.643.1033  www.CWCSSBehavioralHealth.com                           Disc Village 850.575.4025        Https://DiscVillage.org/pages/services/youth/youth.html             
 Elite DNA Behavioral Health  850.671.4600  Https://EliteDNA.com/locations/Tallahassee                 Families First of Florida  813.290.8560 Ext 700  Https://www.FamiliesFirstFL.comm                  Florida Therapy Services 850.681.6001   www.FlaTherapy.comm                                                     FSU Behavioral Center @ Apalachee 850.644.6543 Https://Med.FSU.Edu/FSUBehavioralHealthApalacheeCenter/Home           
Neighborhood Medical Center 850.300.7262 www.NeighborhoomMedicalCenter.org/Mental-Health Panhandle Therapy Center  850.674.8888   Https://PanhandleTherapyCenter.com                              Solution Skills Inc.  850.681.6543  www.SolutionsSkills.com                                                             Turn About  850.671.1920  www.TurnAbout.org        
***Providers desiring to serve a student on campus must complete the LCS Vendor Badge Process to Obtain Level 2 Background Clearance and meet with the school administration/designee to determine a mutually agreed upon time during the school day to serve the student.                                     


Local Mental Health Counseling and Consulting                                               

Elite DNA Behavioral Health – 850.671.4500   Drake Gunning - 850.907.7180 Counseling Services– 850.552.0691 Trauma Healing Collective– 850.391.9346    Tallahassee Counseling & Consulting 850.296.8982 Rose Harkness 850.404.4664  Enso Psych Group 850.778.1642                            Kelly Hutchinson – 850.304.2973  Lisa Fifer, LCSW - 850.404.2285  LisaFiferllc.com   Beth North – 303.519.9517  Michelle Fortier-MichelleFLCSW@ProtonMail.com  Brittany Laffitte-850.810.1871    Florida Therapy Services– 850.681.6001         Time to Change – 850.926.1900  Counseling and Consulting– 850.422.2000        Cecile Mechelotti – 850.610.7265     Mosaic Creative Counseling – 850.542.1212        Liz Langrick – 850.270.7349   Lang Counseling & Consulting- 850.665.0027                                                         



National Mental Health Resources:
American Psychological Association (APA)  www.apa.org    800-374-2721
Florida Psychological Association (FPA) www.flapsych.com 850-656-2222
National Suicide Prevention Hotline: (24-hour counseling) Call or Text 988 www.988lifeline.org
NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Health  www.nami.org 703-524-7600
NAMI Helpline: 800-950-6264 OR text “Helpline” to 62640 (M-F 10am-10pm EST)
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration  www.samhsa.gov 877-726-4727    SAMHSA National Helpline: 800-662-4357 www.samhsa.gov (Referrals and information about mental health, substance use disorders, prevention, and recovery)
www.Findsupport.gov helps people navigate through common questions when they are at the start of their journey to better mental health, such as how to ask for help, how to help others and how to search for a health care professional or support program that meets their needs. The website provides information on how to find treatment and support
National Domestic Violence Hotline:  800-799-7233
Mental Health America Hotline: Text “CONNECT” to 741741


Other national mental health resources, professional associations, groups, that can help parents and their children:
American Psychological Association (APA) www.apa.org 800-374-2721
National Association of Social Workers (NASW) www.socialworkers.org 800-638-8799
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) www.nami.org 800-950-NAMI (6264)
American Counseling Association (ACA) www.counseling.org 800-347-6647
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) www.samhsa.gov
Phone: 877-SAMHSA-7    877-726-4727
Child Mind Institute www.childmind.org  844-528-9698
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) www.nimh.nih.gov  866-615-6464
Please note that these organizations may not provide individual email addresses or phone numbers for mental health professionals. However, they may be able to provide information on how to find a qualified mental health professional in your area.
https://www.top10.com/online-therapy/counseling-comparison - Best Online Counseling Services of 2023 Gabb Phones can used only for call and text https://gabb.com/product/gabb-phone Parents.com looks to be a helpful website for parents, grandparents, guardians.
Special Thanks to the Parents.com website- https://www.parents.com                                                Online counseling services can be cost effective, convenient, effective
Best With Insurance: https://try.talkspace.com
Best for Teens: https://www.teencounseling.com               
Best for Parents With Anxiety or Depression: https://www.brightside.com
Best for Parental Peer Support: https://www.peercollective.com/                                        
Best Without Insurance: https://openpathcollective.org 
Best for Postpartum Depression: https://www.forhers.com
Best for Children: https://livehealthonline.com            
Best for Couples Therapy: https://www.e-therapycafe.com
Best Support Group Resource: https://circlesup.com