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Kids use social media and gaming to communicate with others through their cell phones, iPads and laptops.  Some apps they use make it simple to spread rumors, false information, and share events. 
Cyberbullying happens everyday on Social Media.  
Group chats are common.  Many children text more than they will speak directly or indirectly to others. It is their preferred vehicle of communication. 
Many dangerous games & apps are shared with your children by their classmates and friends. Gates get open. Parents, Please Be Aware!

Generation Z’s & Alpha’s Virtual World are games, apps, tech like VR-AR-Ai 

Parents should be current with the technology your children use everyday.

Truly effective parenting is understanding your children's Virtual World

Here are 5 essential guidelines to help your children navigate their Virtual World
while promoting safety and healthy relationships.



on all of your children’s

digital hardware,

including cell

phones, laptops,

iPads, tablets, and




other devices too,

each night when

they go to bed. Their

devices will be there

in the morning.



their search

histories, social

media, and the

games they play-

many which have a

dark side.



and GPS locators for

your children's

phones and other

items, digital or not. 

Consider this




listen to them, care

for their NEEDS.  It's

not about being their

buddy or giving in to

their every desire.

You now have a list of parenting actions to help you to regain control and provide for your children in the digital world. For many of you this is not going to be easy. This is going to be a battle. Probably a series of battles, with intense discussions, give and take. You can navigate this because it is for the safety and security of your children. Professional help is advised, and just a phone call or email away. These experts can provide guidance and support when needed and provide for the well-being of your children in the digital world.
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